3: Case Study Analysis


This session will explore case study analysis. You are required to engage with the content and activities within the online presentation below and complete the corresponding directed task.

Click on the image above to access the presentation.

Directed Task

You are going to create a collaborative case study on a country to gain an in depth understanding. You will be assigned a group by your tutor.

Collaborative Case Study on Burundi – UK:

Collaborative Case Study on Burundi – USA:


During your engagement with this session, your tutor, other students or guest speakers may inform you of dates and times to meet online for either a seminar, lecture or discussion. Click on the image link below to access the webinar space.

29th March with Peter Grimes:

2.30pm UK

9.30am USA

10.30pm Philippines


Case Study discussion:

5th April 3.30pm UK

5th April 10.30am USA