Coming from a background of material science and product design, I spent my early career working in a range of projects, from developing polymer based components for various applications in aeroengine to medical devices. 

Following those experiences, I moved to work in the HE sector, specifically in universities, where I led innovation-focused projects through various levels of readiness into commercialisation.

I can positively say that, behind the scenes, almost every innovative idea that worked was the result of a collaborative effort. This philosophy of teamwork and seamless support for such activities, is what I want to instil in industrial engagement for EDGE Hub and Engineering at CCCU.

There are two things true about game changing innovations. People want to be part of a winning idea and will naturally work together, especially when it solves a problem which affects them directly. Defining solutions in sufficient detail of how it improves lives of stakeholders, is critical to on-boarding stakeholders.

For more details on my aspirations on working with regional businesses at CCCU, read my recent ‘thought leadership’ piece, “Engaging with Businesses and Partners is Central to Delivering on the Promise of the EDGE Hub“.