#HARTSofthepossible is a group of like minded individuals with a common purpose to drive health research through and using social media

HARTS stands for Health And Research Through Social-media

We believe the ultimate purpose can be achieved through seven strategic priorities:

  1. To create social movements for change through building virtual communities and strong collaborative networks for researchers, practitioners, social media leaders and wider audience to enable the sharing of ideas, creativity, academic rigour and adaptability
  2. To develop and use swift analytics to engage all stakeholders to both achieve consensus and demonstrate impact at scale (Learning how to do it)
  3. To use ambassadors, strong leadership and role-modelling to ensure communication and understanding through sharing our purpose and stories of impact
  4. We create tools and resources that can be used in multiple contexts over time (We review, adapt, change and adopt)
  5. To link the social media research strategy to other national strategies and enabling endorsement and recognition by policy makers and professional bodies
  6. To use focused events to enable, inspire and educate others about the contribution, role and impact of social media in research
  7. To develop a funding strategy

Our core values are that Social Media research through the #HARTS community should promote:



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