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Using Blackboard Ally staff workshop


Using Blackboard Ally staff workshop

Led by Blackboard staff, this one-day-only workshop will provide a thorough introduction to the concept of accessibility.

About the Workshop


This workshop, led by experts from Blackboard’s Ally team, aims to:

  • To explore accessibility issues and how good practice and assistive technology can enhance learning
  • Explore how Blackboard Ally enhances Accessibility by providing Instructors with feedback and students with alternative versions.

Participants will explore barriers to accessibility and experience first hand how assistive technologies enable learners with disabilities to take full advantage of educational materials. Participants will examine alternative versions of materials provided by Ally and learn how they contribute to the overall accessibility of their courses.

Participants will also learn how to incorporate the feedback that Ally provides into specific best practices when creating and modifying materials using common software programmes such as Microsoft word, PowerPoint and Adobe PDF.

Technology / Facilitators

The workshop focuses on the use of Blackboard Ally, the accessibility tool embedded within the Blackboard Learn VLE. It will be facilitated by Lloyd Stock, one of Blackboard’s Ally Training team, along with staff from LTE.


3 hours

Dates & Booking

The workshop will run on Tuesday 21st January, once in the morning and repeating again in the afternoon. Each workshop is limited to 15 attendees. To book a space, please visit the workshop’s StaffSpace page.

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