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Reviewing Students’ Digital Capabilities in the Curriculum – a Workshop and a Tool


Reviewing Students’ Digital Capabilities in the Curriculum – a Workshop and a Tool


When we start thinking about developing student’s digital capabilities in the curriculum there are a few questions to answer:

  1. What are the digital capabilities students need to have pre-arrival?
  2. What are the digital capabilities they are expected to have at the end of their programme?
  3. How can these digital capabilities be taught?
  4. Who teaches them?
  5. How can digital capabilities be assessed?

In order to answer these questions and to embed digital capabilities into the curriculum, the University’s Digital Capabilities Working Group offers a facilitated workshop for programme directors and their teams.

About the Workshop


The aims of this workshop are:

  • to better understand the digital capabilities already developed in a curriculum;
  • to identify possible gaps;
  • to provide an offer in order to address these gaps.

The workshop could be part of a validation or re-validation process.


The workshop starts by encouraging participants to think about the digital capabilities students are expected to have pre-arrival.
It will provide a solution on how to check student’s basic ICT skills and how to offer support in case they need to develop and improve them.

In the next step, participants will discuss how different modules in the programme develop the digital capabilities listed in our university’s digital capabilities framework.

For example:

  • where in the curriculum do students learn how to share documents in the cloud and how to collaborate online;
  • where in the curriculum do students learn how to develop their professional online identity and how to manage their online reputation.

After all modules are discussed, it will be analysed which capabilities are already covered and where there are gaps.

Based on this analysis, the facilitators will provide information about online and face-to-face support and teaching interventions available to address these gaps.

After the workshop this analysis will be summarized by the facilitator and they will provide the programme director with an action plan.


  • In order to prepare for this workshop a list of questions related to different digital capabilities can be downloaded here.
  • Programme directors could also use our Review Tool to start their reflection on how digital cababilities are supported in their programme. The review tool encourages them to think about how different modules cover different digital capabilities and will provide them with an overview and links to resources.


Faculty Learning Technologist or Learning and Research Librarian


1 hour

Dates & Booking

This workshop is run on a per-request basis. If you wish to book a workshop please contact the Learning Technologist or Learning and Research Librarian for your faculty.

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