Developing a search strategy.


Developing a search strategy.

Developing a search strategy is fundamental to carrying out an efficient and effective search for information. Having a strategy (aka. plan) for your search will guide you to find relevant, timely and quality sources of information for use in your assignment.

This module will show you ways to turn your research questions/topic into a search strategy that an academic search engine or bibliographic database can  understand; it will demonstrate strategies to help you compile a set of search words; discuss ways to refine your search to take account of inclusion and exclusion criteria and explain the need to match your information need to a particular type of information source to ensure you unleash your search strategy in the ‘right’ place.


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2 Learning outcomes

3 What is a search strategy?

4 Strategies for developing your search strategy

5 Refining your search strategy

6 Where to deploy your search strategy?

7 Assess your learning

8 Reflect and feedback

9 Extend your learning

Author: Kate Davies
Last updated: May 2021