image                                    Before a Why how about a What!

What is Chaplaincy? Chaplaincy is Christian ministry that operates in the gaps, in the difficult places, bringing a Christian voice to the public sphere. For us at CCCU it means being chaplains in the rapidly changing HE environment, speaking into the structures of the university and being present in and to the community

In practice Chaplains are specialists equipped with theological and pastoral care training. They are skilled in speaking with people who would not necessarily identify as Christian but find themselves in difficult life circumstances. They bring Christ’s compassion to people experiencing distress or trauma. In times of anxiety and uncertainty Chaplains offer the message of the hope, peace and forgiveness found in Jesus Christ to all. Their faith is their motivation and strength and their primary call is to serve, ministering to the needs of their community with a heart that calls them to love God, love their neighbour and love themselves.

In reality this means being ever present in and around the university, walking alongside anyone who needs support, allowing the individual to determine the direction of the conversation and offering a therapeutic listening ear.

Being a Chaplain is a privilege, it is being paid to have time;

time to listen

time to care

time to share

time to simply be

it is about offering hospitality to all, it is about recognising each other’s humanity, walking in all humility and offering hope for the future.

At CCCU we are blessed to have a team of seven chaplains serving all our staff and students across all of our campuses. So if you need a Chaplain, just drop us a line.                        01227 782538                                                                     07841615904