Reverend David Stroud

Senior Chaplain


I am a man of Kent, born and bred in Canterbury, just the other side of the city to the North Holmes Road campus, but I haven’t always lived here, and neither have I always been a Chaplain. Prior to CCCU I was a parish priest in Hampshire and before that I was a secondary school teacher on the Isle of Wight. I love the outdoors and being active and used to cycle and walk lots. Some of the things I enjoy are reading, film, theatre, and art but most especially what I term the ‘simple pleasures’ – spending time with family and friends, the occasional drink and good food. Home-life is extremely  important to me, with my wife and two gorgeous sons.

Until I started teaching I used to shy away from titles and being labelled or Pidgeon holed and to some extent I still do, but the ones that mean the most to me are Husband, Father, Son and Brother. I think these resonate so much as they touch upon all aspects of my life and are in themselves all about relationships whether that be the biological ones between me and my immediate family or in my role as chaplain and priest and the university community that I serve.

As chaplains we are here to serve and respond to the needs of the community, and as such we have been part of the very fabric of CCCU since it was first built and our roles haven’t changed much we still strive to act as a conscience to the organization to walk alongside those in need and to promote a holistic lifestyle that meets the needs of body, mind and spirit. In reality that means existing in the gaps being on the ground floor ready to support and care for the whole community.

That said if you need me I am easy to find, just look for the person dressed like a Guinness drinking coffee in touchdown and come and say hello. Failing that you can call me on

Mobile 07841615904 land line 01227 782538


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