110-IA-16 Freshers publicity flyer A6 2pp - SING PRAY EAT110-IA-16 Freshers publicity flyer A6 2pp - EVENTSso the count down to the beginning of term has begun and in advance of Fresher’s week I thought I would just let people know some of the regular events chaplaincy will be offering this coming year. (fresher’s week events will be posted separately)

All of our events are open to everyone staff and students alike.

This term we will also be offering the annual chapel trips to:

Canterbury Cathedral, for evensong, tour and nibbles  on Monday October 3rd at 5.30pm

a trip out into the Kentish countryside for a Sunday stroll and tea on Sunday October the 9th at 2.00pm

and new for the Michaelmas term a retreat to worth abbey on Saturday November the 12th leaving Uni at tba

and our flag ship university Cathedral event will be on Friday December the 2nd at 7.30

For more information on any of our events contact Jane on jane.Ireland@canterbury.ac.uk