The past few months have been defined by political debate in the run up to the Referendum. These debates have touched on significant aspects of our sense of identity, our self-understanding as part of the whole, and our hopes for the future. Some of these conversations have been conducted in a helpful manner; some have not – and the tragic death of the MP Jo Cox demonstrates a sense of brokenness and fear in the midst of our life together. Whatever our personal views on the results of the Referendum, we face the future in a new political landscape. In order to discern how to step into it with wisdom and insight we need first to face the divisions and hurt in our midst. The Gospel calls us to be a people of healing and reconciliation – that hope is needed now and we are called to be agents of it.

Almighty God,
from whom all thoughts of healing and reconciliation proceed:
kindle, we pray, in every heart, the true love of peace and justice,
and the will to work for the good of all;
guide with your pure and life-giving wisdom
those who take counsel for the nations of the earth,
that in hope we may seek always to bear your light in the world,
for the love of your only Son, Jesus Christ our Lord,

Friend and colleague the Revd Charlie Allen – Diocesan Director of Ordinands Salisbury Diocese