Free film screening “One Team”

Monday 19th March 2018, 16.00-18.00, Ng03

“The way they play together, the way they get along, that’s the future of our cultures together…”

– Coach Mike McGgraw

Set in a small community in Maine, now home to thousands of displaced immigrants and refugees, One Team tells the story of the Lewiston High School Blue Devils boys soccer team and their remarkable path to the school’s first ever state championship title. After losing in the championship game just one year prior, this high school team, comprised of a diverse group of players representing six different countries, sets out to do what no other Lewiston High School soccer team could accomplish. Overcoming cultural obstacles, the boys are united by a coach determined, to not only win, but bring his team together and provide their community with a new sense of identity and hope. With race, religion, and politics aside, this extraordinary group of young men demonstrates to the world how the sport of soccer transcends all borders.


Project 93 is supported by the Futures Initiative

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