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Views from the classroom.

Our series of short podcast with Catherine Carden contain advice for parents with regards to supporting their child’s home learning. The podcasts contain discussions with practising teachers across the different year groups in primary and also secondary.

Session 1

Catherine Carden discusses supporting Year 4 home learning with teachers Harriet Miller and Harriet Smith. Advice and guidance for parents.

Session 2

Catherine Carden discusses supporting Secondary students with Liam Davis. Liam Davis is a teacher and Lead RE practitioner at Woodside High School in London.

Session 3

Catherine Carden discusses supporting Year 6 home learning with teachers Tasha Gillett and Rob Gold from St John’s Primary School, Canterbury

Session 4

Catherine Carden discusses supporting Reception stage home learning with teachers Sarah Munro (Reception Teacher and Lead for EYFS/Year 1 at Chartham Primary School) and Mitch Woollcott (Reception Teacher and Computing Lead Chartham Primary School)