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Religious Education and Hermeneutics.

Videos on Liberation Theology for Schools teaching A Level Religious Studies

Professor Bob Bowie

These videos introduce some of the key ideas around Liberation Theology. They have been made to help schools that teach Liberation Theology, a topic on some A Level Religious Studies programmes. They are quite short and provide a general scholarly introduction with some extracts from the primary sources of Liberation Theology Scholars.  I am indebted to my Catholic Theology Professor, Patrick Sherry who taught me Liberation Theology when I was studying my Masters Degree. Occasionally you can see the handwritten notes from those classes 25 years ago! He published a short guide called “What is Liberation Theology?” in 1985 which can be purchased for a few pounds. 

Video 1: This video puts Liberation Theology in the context of Vatican II and the political and social context of Latin America
Video 2: This video outlines the ‘method’ of Liberation Theology
Video 2b: This video provides an extract on ‘theological method’ by Gutierrez
Video 3: This video introduces the key ideas in Liberation Theology
Video 4: This video focuses on Gustavo Gutierrez
Video 5: This video provides a short reading from Gutierrez’s conclusion in A Theology of Liberation
Video 6: This video provides a short reading from Boff which criticises religious authorities
Video 7: This video explores criticism of Liberation Theology