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EYFS – Chartham Primary.


My name is Mitch Woollcott and I am an EYFS teacher, which normally means a lot of my day teaching is spent learning through play and focused on child initiated activity which is difficult to recreate. Therefore, my year group partner, Sarah Munro, and I decided to set up a YouTube channel which the children could easily access. We have created a wide range of videos based on a variety of different subject areas. The YouTube videos act as mini lessons for the children to watch, so that they can recap on prior learning as well as see our faces and hear our voices on a regular basis



(qu digraph) 

(qu digraph) 

(‘th’ and ‘ng’ digraph) 

(sh digraph) 

(‘oa’ and ‘igh’) 

(tricky words) 

(ur digraph) 

(tricky words) 


(ar digraph) 

(j sound) 

(y sound) 

(t sound) 

(i sound) 

(l sound) 



(2D shapes) 


(counting story) 

(colour sorting)



(Why lions roar) 

(ten tall giraffes) 

(bee book) 

(Why chameleon changes colour) 

(Mad about minibeasts) 

(I am a Tiger) 

(Rumble in the Jungle) 

(The singing mermaid) 

Fun science experiments 

(colourful science experiment) 

(How to make Ice-cream) 

(Colour experiment) 



How to draw a lion 

How to draw a penguin 

How to draw an elephant