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Online Teaching and Learning.

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Teaching and learning online requires classroom pedagogy to be adjusted. Many of us are finding this challenging during the coronavirus crisis. Here is some support for online and blended teaching and learning.

The CCCU online community of practice: free online webinars for educators (teachers, TAs and lecturers)

The Faculty of Education invites you to a series of supportive and interactive webinars usually now on the first Tuesday of each month from 16.00 to 17.00 (see below for two exceptions this year) in this online and blended learning virtual meeting room (please use Google Chrome) about online and blended teaching and learning for teachers, teaching assistants, student teachers, lecturers, researchers and others who are interested in this field. Feel free to try the room out now as it is permanently open (all you’ll need is a computer or smartphone with a webcam and microphone). No prior experience is necessary for the webinars (and people experienced in this field are welcome too).

4/5/20An introduction to online and blended learning Dr John-Paul Riordanslidesvideo
11/5/20Online and blended learning toolsDr Lee Hazeldineslidesvideo
18/5/20Online and blended subject learningFinley Lawsonslidesvideo
1/6/20Using surveys and data in online and blended learningProfessor Berry Billingsleyslidesvideo
8/6/20Assessment tools for online and blended learningMark Evansslidesvideo
15/6/20Inclusive online and blended learningDr John-Paul Riordanslidesvideo
22/6/20Reading group on teacher preparation for online and blended learning (using chapter 17 from Ferdig and Kennedy, 2014; a freely available eBook)Dr John-Paul Riordanslidesnone
29/6/20Online and blended learning in Early YearsSally Heath and Dr John-Paul Riordanslidesvideo 1 & 2
6/7/20Online and blended learning problem-solvingDr John-Paul Riordanslidesvideo
Summer holiday 2020
6/10/20Online and blended learning in scienceDr John-Paul Riordanslidesvideo
4/11/20 from 19.00 to 20.30Online and blended learning in Early Years (2) with the CCCU Early Childhood Community of Practice: play and connectivity within Early ChildhoodKemal Shaheen, Jo Bowen, Deborah Wetherall, Hilary Welland and John-Paul Riordanslidesvideo
1/12/20Online and blended learning and wellbeingWendy Cobb and Dr Joanne Tippettslidesvideo
5/1/21Online and blended learning in mathsJen Shearman and Andrea Kiteslidesvideo
2/2/21Online and blended learning in PEDr Kristy Howellsslidesvideo
2/3/21Creating surveys for formative assessment and research with online and blended learningProfessor Berry Billingsleyslidesnone
Easter holiday
4/5/21Online and blended learning with at-risk learnersStephen King from St Nicholas School Canterburyslides video
8/6/21 (NB 2nd Tuesday of the month)CANCELLED (sorry) Online and blended learning using Augmented Reality and Virtual RealityDr Lee Hazeldineslides video
6/7/21Online and blended learning pedagogyDr John-Paul Riordanslides video
Webinars in 2020-2021 are usually on the first Tuesday of each month from 16.00 to 17.00 BST (N.B. 4/11/20 is different)

If these webinars might be of interest, please click here and fill in this quick survey for teachers, teaching assistants and lecturers (it takes about 3 minutes) so we know how to contact you and so we can find out what support you might want or need as regards online and blended learning.

With the permission of participants, webinars will be recorded and available above afterwards as videos (we don’t record reading group sessions). You are welcome to come to any or all of the sessions, there is no need to book and it is fine to drop in and out. 

The idea of a community of practice was introduced by Lave and Wenger (1991) and Wenger (1998) and can be defined as, “[a] learning partnership among people who find it useful to learn from and with each other about a particular domain. They use each other’s experience of practice as a learning resource” (Wenger, Trayner, and de Laat, 2011, p. 9; see Smith, Hayes and Shea, 2017, for a critical review).


Image of online learning website which is itself a hyperlink.
Image of online learning resources website which is itself a hyperlink to that page.
Epistemic Insight (New Generation Teachers)

UK government online education recommendations

UK government online education safeguarding advice

BBC live lessons and BBC bitesize

Reachout CPD (free online primary science CPD from Imperial College London)

Leading Professional Development Online (advice from NCETM)

EEF resources

Oak National Academy

The Association of Science Education (ASE) coronavirus hub

Wakelet resources


For comments, feedback, suggestions or further information please contact:

Dr John-Paul Riordan (@jpscience) or Dr Lee Hazeldine (@lee_hazeldine).

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