In our latest alumni case study we spoke to Iain Hawthorn about his time at CCCU Business School and how his degree helped him progress in his career…

“I began a Diploma in Management Studies (DMS) in 1998, which led to a Masters in Management Studies. The CCCU DMS was incredibly relevant to my new job and the Programme Director was very enthusiastic!  The courses definitely prepared me for the world of work, the skills learned then are still 100%  appropriate now. Confidence is one of the main things: I genuinely didn’t know how relevant and beneficial it would turn out to be.

“Both the DMS and Masters were work-based, so I could see the direct relevance to studying and my actual role with my employer.  Some of the concepts & content were quite rightly text-book & classroom taught, but the lecturers were former industry practitioners and you stayed very ‘grounded’ as a result.  The courses, teaching & learning left me with a real skill of being able to solve problems today.

“The courses influenced my career choices, resulting in me leaving my corporate career to start my own business. Whilst I’m now back in the corporate world, my career has advanced and I’ve been in a better position to apply for roles. Taking a leap of faith into self-employment was beyond anything I thought I’d even attempt – but the confidence never leaves you.

“Studying at CCCU has helped me in other ways: encouraging my children to do the same, my daughter is studying a Masters in Astro-Physics and I am hugely proud that my experience at Christ Church helped in her decision.

“I’d honestly say it’s been transformational to me personally and professionally – I have done things I would never have considered possible without the boost in confidence this gave me.”

Iain is currently Global Relationship Director, HSBC Bank Plc and based in Dartford.